Organic Produce in West Cork

Beef Range

Range of Gourmet Dexter Beef

Our organic gourmet beef is raised slowly on the hill side pastures of South West Cork overlooking the Atlantic ocean. The cattle are predominantly grass fed, living all year on the mountain eating mountain vegetation and organic pasture. They are handled gently and always kept in stress free, healthy enviroment. They are not housed in sheds over winter and there is no use of concentrated feeds unless they are organic.

In winter we feed sprouted organic barley grass, made on the farm in our “fodder Solutions” sprouting unit. This produces up to 400Kg each day of green sprouted barley, made by naturally germinating the barley seeds at a temperature of 21 degrees whilst being watered every two hours by a fine mist of mountain water. The sprouting process released nutrients that are usually locked up inside seeds, increasing their absorption by the cattle and resulting in healthier animals. Research has shown that the meat from cattle fed on green fodder have higher levels of “good fats” and can protect against heart disease. The beef is slow grown and aged by Tim Murphy our local craft butcher for a minimum of 21 days and usually for more than 30 days to provide a rich and distinctive gamy flavour that we are told by the oder members of our community reminds them of the beef they ate as children

Derry Duff Organics is a certified organic farm. We only use natural manure fertiliser or ground up rock to fertilise the land and never use fertilisers derived form fossil fuels.

Derry Duff Organics also aims to be a net carbon sink within the next few years, contributing to decreasing atmospheric carbon through a rigorous programme of tree planting. Each year we plant thousands of trees to off set carbon emissions from the cattle and research in 2016 undertaken by students of Imperial College London, has indicated that by 2022 at the latest, the growth of these trees will more than off-set any carbon produced by the farm, making our beef and other produce better than carbon neutral.