Organic Produce in West Cork

Derry Duff Organics Dexter Beef

Healthy, environmentally friendly, gourmet, organic beef

Derry Duff Organics is an organic family farm near Bantry in West Cork, run by Dr. Steve Collins an internationally recognized expert in human nutrition. We have been rearing organic Dexter cattle for the last 10 years. Dexter cattle are a traditional Irish breed originating in Munster almost 300 years ago out of the historical Celtic Cattle that would have roamed the area from pre-historic times.

We believe in low impact sustainable farming and animal husbandry techniques. Our cattle spend their lives ranging free on our mountainside pastures, living naturally on a diet of mountainside grasses and heather and never confined in cow sheds. In winter, their food intake is supplemented with sprouted organic barley seeds, organic seaweed meal collected from the west of Ireland and organic Rape seed husk grown in Urlingford, Co Kilkenny.

This system provides a consistent, daily supply of fresh fodder that contains high levels of protein, mineral, vitamins and the essential oils. Evidence shows that animals feed predominantly on fresh green fodder have healthier meat, high in the “good fats’ that protect against heart disease. All the animals are finished almost entirely on fresh green feed receiving a few weeks of organic ration right at the end to ensure a good covering of fat to enable the meat to be hung for longer post slaughter.

Our Dexter beef matures slowly and so has high quality marbling. The organic beef we sell is fully traceable and slaughtered by Tim Murphy, a local craft butcher in Kealkil. The meat is hung for a minimum of 28 days for improved quality and for larger orders longer hanging times are available upon request. Chefs and retailers can directly discuss with Tim what cuts they would like and how they would like them packaged. If you are interested in our organic beef, please contact us and we would be delighted to talk with you and make arrangements.


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