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Optigrow® air root pruning pots

Optigrow® air root pruning pots are an innovative new design of plant pot that increases plant growth and decrease the need for re-potting. The novel perforated egg carton like construction deflects the growing root tips into holes in the side wall and thence into the air. This stops their growth and prevents the roots from spiralling around the sides of the pot and becoming “pot bound”. In response to this “air pruning”, the plant sends out more lateral roots forming a healthier highly branched root system that takes advantage of every bit of space in the pot.

Plants grow faster and require smaller pots at any given plant size. When its time to plant out, simply remove the re-usable fastening screws, and unwrap the pot from around the plant. This leaves a healthy undisturbed root ball and minimises disturbance to the plants growth.

The pots come in kits with walls, bases and fastening screws. They are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with an ultraviolet protective screen that allows them to be re-used time and time again.